Finance Report

1. OUTTURN 2021

RCSI Hospital Group - 2021 Financial Outturn - Chart

Net deficit 2021 – €0.247m (0.0%). Drivers of increased net expenditure €63.461m in 2021:

  • COVID Loss of income €18.8m – the impact on patient and other income is a major continuing challenge with consequent cash issues for the voluntary hospitals in the Group
  • Impact of COVID initiatives 2021 – €44.1m
    • Service and staff additionality to deal with COVID impact
    • Increased security, cleaning, disposables including PPE and Bon Secours private hospital agreement
    • 3 months additional high risk maternity leave due to COVID and increased COVID related absence
    • Vaccination centres on hospital sites
  • Cyber-attack – impact in terms of agency, overtime and recovery operations €1.27m
  • Pay awards – reversion of Haddington Road Agreement cuts plus 1% pay award paid October, impact €5.525m
  • Other service developments – €4.456m

Financial Chart - 2021


  • Pension cost impact excluded from above projection – pension cost increases will be funded in line with Corporate Finance policy