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The delivery of healthcare during the current crisis is extremely difficult. Organisations are facing new demands and new ways of working. Managers and staff are challenged every day to find new ways to support and manage their staff whilst at the same time continuously adapting their leadership style. This area provides a number of resources to assist leaders at every level of the organisation.

  • Three clinical leads share lessons learnt at the frontline in Connolly Hospital

    Ms Judy McEntree (Director of Nursing), Dr Trevor Duffy (Consultant Rheumatologist) and Ms Breda Minch (Clinical Nurse Manager), provide insights and talk about lessons learnt while managing the COVID crisis in Connolly Hospital.

    Click here to watch this 35 minute video.

  • COVID-19: Peer Support and Crisis Communication Strategies to Promote Institutional Resilience

    Novel coronavirus disease is posing an extraordinary challenge to the health and well-being of persons across the globe. The authors of this article have had experience responding to severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) and H1N1 influenza, formulating a national medical recovery plan in Kuwait, responding to the 9/11 World Trade Center disaster, and developing peer support programs for health care. In this commentary, they summarize lessons learned from those experiences and provide consensus on best practices for fostering
    an organizational culture of resilience.

    Click here to read and download the article published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, authored by Albert W. Wu, MD, MPH; Cheryl Connors, BSN, MS, DNP; and George S. Everly Jr., PhD

  • They Call Us and We Go

    Read Dr Suzanne Koven’s thoughtful perspective published in the New England Journal of Medicine on practising medicine in these challenging times.

    Dr Suzanne Koven’s article was published on April 13th in the New England Journal of Medicine. It begins with words many of us will respond to.

    Do you remember a time before PPE and ventilator shortages; virtual grand rounds and telemedicine “exams”; elbow bumps and then the avoidance, even, of elbows?

    Click here to read the full article.

  • Effective team working during the COVID-19 Crisis

    Michael West, Kings Fund UK. This five minute video talks about how to create effective team working and build trust in these challenging times, including the need for compassion, clarity of purpose, setting objectives and feedback as well as the value of regular reviews. This content has been provided to us courtesy of our Academic partner RCSI.

    Click here to watch the video.

  • COVID-19:Why compassionate leadership matters in a crisis

    Michael West, Kings Fund UK, and Suzanne Bailey. This blog explores how compassionate leadership is the most potent way people can deal with what feels frightening and overwhelming and why leaders need to focus compassion on all those who provide health and care services whatever their role or grade. This content has been provided to us courtesy of our Academic partner RCSI.

    Click here to access the blog.