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See our teams in action and the positive impact of our efforts

Saluting our heroes in Connolly Hospital

Find out about Connolly Hospital’s heroes – the people and teams from all parts of the hospital who are helping make a difference in this challenging time.

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Stress first aid sessions for Beaumont staff

Find out about the 30-minute Stress First Aid Sessions developed by the Departments of Psychology and Social Work in Beaumont Hospital for hospital teams.

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End of life support during COVID-19 in Connolly Hospital

Find out how a multidisciplinary working group in Connolly Hospital came together to bring comfort to grieving families.

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Posting kindness at Monaghan Hospital

Find out how the Speech and Language Therapy Department’s initiative reached out to local primary schools to is connecting patients to local primary schools through the magic of post.

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Leading practice – COPD Outreach at Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital, Drogheda

Watch a two minute video to see to patients of the OLOL Pulmonary Rehabilitation taking part in the first Virtual Pulmonary Rehabilitation class to be delivered nationally.

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Saying hello and helping patients communicate in Cavan General Hospital

Find out about the new resources developed by the Speech & Language Department for staff and patients

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A haven of peace for staff in Connolly Hospital

Find out how the kind kindness of strangers transformed an unused room and see staff enjoying this peaceful space.

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Midwifery innovations in OLOL that respond to COVID-19

Click here to watch a two-minute video that shows new ways of working in Our Lady of Lourdes Maternity Unit.

Beaumont Hospital Chapel Remembrance Tree

Click here to find out more about how to add names of family, friends or patients who have died to Beaumont Hospital’s Remembrance Tree

Cavan General Hospital PPE Road Show

Click here to find out how 1,500 staff got the training they needed on the correct use of PPE

An animated approach to helping expectant mum’s mental health produced by the Rotunda Hospital

Click here to watch a four minute animation with six tips especially developed for expectant mums to help mind their mental health.

Psychological Response Action Group for staff in Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital, Drogheda and Louth County Hospital

Find out more about the specialist team from the Community Mental Health service.

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Standing together – OLOL staff share tips on how to mind your mental health

Staff from all areas of Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital shared their insights and tips in this 3 minute video.

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A special thank you from the Riverdance cast to frontline and essential workers

The Riverdance cast have come together while being apart to say ‘thank you’  to all frontline and essential workers,  as well as the people at home who continue to do their part in the fight against COVID-19.

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Selling old toys to raise money for Cavan General Hospital

Budding entrepreneur Sean put old toys to good fundraising use to help purchase PPE.

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A letter of thanks to Cavan General Hospital

Cavan General Hospital’s teams received a great letter from Isabelle, a 6th class student who took the time to write and send a letter expressing her gratitude to all frontline workers. Click here to read Isabelle’s letter.

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The Rotunda Hospital sets up a drive-thru COVID19 testing service for Dublin Fire Brigade

Find out how the Rotunda Hospital’s drive-thru service provides same-day results.

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Occupational Health Call Centre in Beaumont Hospital responds to 4568 calls during April

Find out more about the call centre set up to support Occupational Health.

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Messages of hope and thanks in Beaumont Hospital to mark World Hand Hygiene Day

Watch the imaginative way Beaumont Hospital projected messages onto a 60-foot wall.

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PPE Decontamination Initiative Cavan General Hospital

Find out about how the CSSD Department’s extended service hours and and innovative work practices are supporting staff.

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The Physiotherapy Respiratory Service role in Cavan Hospital’s management of COVID-19

From training to videos, from involvement in developing patient pathways to expanding services to 24/7, find out about more about Cavan Hospital’s Respiratory Physiotherapy Team.

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Cavan General Hospital’s Social Distancing Champion

Find out how Eilish Sweeny is promoting social distancing practice.

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A community approach in Cavan General Hospital to support grieving families

Find out how Cavan General Hospital’s Chaplain, Fr. Gerry Kearns Hospital, brought local artists and members of the community together to creating keepsakes for families.

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Over 50 postal workers answer ‘Ireland’s Call’ to fundraise for Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital

Watch the musical talents of An Post postal workers in this stirring performance of ‘Ireland’s Call’

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The Rotunda Art Competition for World Hand Hygiene Day

See the creativity of a young artist, one of the many children of staff members, who took part this year’s art competition

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Prepacking saves time in OLOL

Find out about the benefits of the Pharmacy Department’s new initiative to prepack Anaesthetic Emergency Drugs.

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Beaumont Respiratory Doctors develop early warning system that helps avoid the use of ICU ventilators

Find out more about the enhanced “non-invasive ventilation” of patients before they may have to go into intensive care.

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Dear Mum and Dad

How staff within the NICU of Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital Maternity Unit are capturing daily updates for parents who are missing out on visiting their babies.

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“Hello how are you?”

See Liz Steedman-Sirel, Quality and Risk, Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital, Drogheda, in action.

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Sending love to all the frontline staff in Our Lady of Lourdes

See the heartwarming messages posted by members of the public.

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Being a rainbow in someone else’s cloud

See one five year’s beautiful HSE Heroes salute to her grandmother who is part of the SMT in OLOL

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Virtual visits for NICU families in Rotunda

Find out how parents of babies in the NICU can safely check in with their baby while they’re in the unit.

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Leaving the ward after beating COVID19 in OLOL Drogheda

Watch this 30 second video to see colleagues salute a fellow staff member as he is discharged having been successfully treated for COVID-19.

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#stayingtogetherbykeepingapart #teamwork OLOL Physiotherapy Department

Find out how teams stay in touch when they can’t see each other.

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Supporting staff in Cavan General Hospital

Emergency Services and the community supporting staff in Cavan General Hospital

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Beaumont medics improvise to lift patients’ spirits

Doctors and nurses treating Covid-19 patients at Beaumont Hospital have introduced an innovative way to show patients the faces of the people who are providing care. They are sticking print-outs of their faces to their personal protective equipment (PPE).

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Celebrating Staff in Cavan General Hospital

Watch this nine-minute video to see how the staff in Cavan General Hospital were thanked by members of the local community, the Gardai and Emergency Services.

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Working together in Connolly Hospital

Our teams across the Hospital are helping to create extra capacity and supporting one another.

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