PPE Decontamination Initiative Cavan General Hospital

PPE Decontamination Initiative Cavan General Hospital

During the COVID 19 pandemic the CSSD department extended their service from 5 days to 7 days per week to provide a daily decontaminating service for reusable PPE.

Due to the national shortage of PPE, CSSD devised a SOP to disinfect all reusable PPE.

CSSD provided boxes labelled ‘Used PPE’s for disinfection’ to each ward/department. Staff collect all used goggles, face shields and hoods transport them back to CSSD & disinfect in the washer disinfectors or manually disinfect depending on which method the products can withstand.

The CSSD Staff then package each item individually labelled ‘disinfected’ for frontline staff use. The items are then delivered back to each ward for use.

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