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Self-care in coping with COVID-19

From videos to toolkits and guides, you’ll find clear advice on self-care from leading practitioners in this section.

  • Understanding and taking care of your emotional needs

    While we all try to adjust to our new way of life, it is important take care of our emotional needs.

    Click here to download a one page guide to understanding your emotional pyramid of needs.

  • Being body clock wise

    A healthy body clock improves mental health and overall wellbeing.

    Click here to download a one page guide to the three ways you can maintain a strong body clock.



  • Protect your wellbeing with a toolkit developed by Beaumont Hospital’s Department of Psychology & Staff Counselling Service

    During a pandemic it’s normal for hospital staff to feel stress. People in healthcare usually place a high value on caring for others, but some common thinking patterns can also leave us at risk of stress. This pack includes suggestions for self-care, based on what helps staff to stay well during a crisis. Click here to download the toolkit.

    Click here to download the Self-Care Toolkit

  • Adopting healthy habits

    Watch Dr. Beth Frates lecture from the RCSI MyHealth Series on the topic of ‘Paving the Path to Wellness’.

    Click here to watch video.

  • Caring for Carers

    This ten-minute video describes the key elements that will help us to sustain ourselves during this demanding time. Michael West explains the importance of self-care and what that entails, from spending time with loved ones to carving out time for exercise to developing good sleep hygiene and the value of being present.

    Click here to watch the video.

  • How to cope with Covid Anxiety

    Prof Ciaran O’Boyle, Centre for Positive Psychology and Health RCSI. This six-page guide provides methods that you can use to counteract the development of inappropriate levels of anxiety.

    Click here to download guide.

  • Coping With Coronavirus: How to Stay Calm and Protect Your Mental Health – A Psychological Toolkit

    Prof Brendan Kelly, .Prof of Psychiatry Trinity. Pre-eminent psychiatrist Dr Brendan Kelly can help you understand and cope with the unique mental stresses of today, as we all try to deal with the threat of COVID-19, coronavirus. Royalties from the sale of this book will be donated to medical charities assisting with the global response to coronavirus.

    Click here to buy the ebook for 99c.

  • Coping with Coronavirus

    Prof Brendan Kelly. Prof of Psychiatry Trinity. This ten-minute video provides guidance on how to manage Coronavirus-based anxiety.

    Click here to watch the video.