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Conference Sponsors

RCSI Hospital Group would like to thank our conference sponsors that are listed below.


Cardiac Services provide innovative healthcare technology and services to the Healthcare marketplace, we deploy advanced decision support tools, translating clinical data into useful information at the point of care, keeping clinicians connected and informed while they focus on the needs of their patients. Improving Quality and Safety through innovation is our goal. Using up-to-date evidence-based medicine to guide clinical processes we deliver improved quality of care and better safer outcomes for Irish patients. Our Health Informatics and Applications Specialists engage with customers through all stages of projects from interactive demos, system design, workflow, installation and training. Unique in the Irish Healthcare market, we provide a locally based 24/7/365 Clinical IT & Engineering system support service. Cardiac Services uses our team of Clinical Engineers, in conjunction with the Healthcare Informatics team, to fully support critical IT systems in hospitals across the island of Ireland.

Visit the Cardiac Services website.

Medica (Ireland) supports both public and private hospitals in Ireland to provide high-quality patient care and reduce waiting times for diagnostic imaging, diabetic retinopathy screening and reporting. We pride ourselves on offering unrivalled access and value to patients and providing a clinically led, patient focused radiology scanning and reporting service.

Visit the Medica website.


MedModus combines in-depth knowledge of healthcare operations and change management, with decision support and scheduling software solutions, to help hospitals and other healthcare organisations, get the most from the resources they have. We pride ourselves on working closely with healthcare managers and front line staff, helping them to deliver sustainable measurable improvements in areas like service capacity utilisation, waiting list reduction and patient flow improvement. Our business intelligence platform and analyst service is deployed in three RCSI Hospital Group hospitals.

Visit the MedModus website.

Trend Care Systems is a multi-award-winning company operating internationally and is recognised as an industry leader in providing health care management solutions that are effective in the current environment and essential for planning and funding healthcare resources for the future.Current demands on the public and private healthcare sectors require health care facilities to be highly focused on best practice outcomes for patients, productivity, and efficiency. TrendCare provides a gold standard solution enabling health care facilities to meet these ever-increasing demands on resources by providing an innovative and integrated solution which facilitates resource planning and episode of care costing.Based on our understanding of the realities and challenges of the health care industry, we have developed software that provides a ‘big picture’ approach, offering benefits for patients, staff, health care facilities, ministries of health and the community.TrendCare is a patient acuity measurement  tool utilised for workforce planning and  workload management, work allocation and demand supply comparisons.The system provides dynamic data for clinicians, department managers hospital executives and high-level healthcare planners for budget developments, efficiency and productivity monitoring and clinical costing.In addition to the acuity measurement, workload management and workforce planning capabilities, TrendCare also includes a range of clinical functions to support high quality clinical outcomes for patients. These include:clinical diet ordering, clinical handovers, patient assessments, care planning with outcome reporting, allied health and specialty nurse patient activity registers.TrendCare is an integrated multidisciplinary solution that interfaces seamlessly with other healthcare solutions and offers a wide range of clinical and management functions for medical, allied health, nursing and non-clinical health care services. Exports to customised electronic dashboards for displaying care capacity in all areas of a facility and multi-disciplinary electronic handovers are developed on request.

Visit the Trendcare website.

This Conference has been part-sponsored by Cardiac Services, Medica, MedModus and Trendcare.