About RCSI Hospital Group

The RCSI Hospital Group provides service to populations in five counties – North Dublin, Meath, Louth, Cavan and Monaghan.

A wide range of emergency, diagnostic, treatment and rehabilitation services are provided across these, supported by a workforce of 11,200 WTE staff. Our aim is to provide high quality and safe care underpinned by the development of a single effective corporate and clinical governance structure.

Our operational and strategic focus centres on:

  • Meeting the needs of our patients
  • Integration of all current services
  • Development of appropriate patient pathways
  • Integration with community services through working with the three CHOs associated with the population served by the RCSI group.
  • Evidence-based best practice
  • Risk awareness and a quality improvement approach





RCSI Hospital Group was established in 2015. The RCSI Hospital Group serves populations in five counties – North Dublin, Meath, Louth, Cavan and Monaghan. The area stretches from the north banks of the River Liffey in Dublin City Centre, north to the border with Northern Ireland, and west to the border with County Donegal. It comprises urban, rural and commuter belt areas, and covers approximately 6,817 square kilometres in total. There is considerable variation in population density from a low of 39 persons per square kilometre in Cavan to a high of 4,139 persons per square kilometre in north Dublin city.


The RCSI Hospital Group is committed to improving clinical performance in scheduled and unscheduled care and the development of clinical networks and delivery systems to improve access to excellent care, in accordance with the HIQA National Standards for Safer Better Healthcare and in alignment with the National Committee on Clinical Excellence, the National Clinical Programmes and the National Cancer Control Programme Guidelines.


Hospital Activity 2022

Activity Type
ED New attendances 36,748 50,096 61,290 0 62,975 0 211,109
Inpatient Discharges 14,139 14,280 26,210 0 30,347 12,707 97,683
Day Case attendances 12,740 14,221 70,466 8,826 15,063 12,678 133,994
OPD – New 10,947 16,156 47,933 6,618 27,454 42,026 151,134
OPD – Return 27,818 58,285 139,947 14,274 72,192 88,560 401,076
Births 1,257 0 0 0 2,867 8,293 12,417
Total Patient Contacts 103,649 153,038 345,846 29,718 210,898 164,264 1,007,413

Meeting or exceeding national targets since mid 2016

Waiting List Status
RCSI HG Wait List Status 31.08.23

Out patient Compliance
<12 mths Target
<18 mths Target
Beaumont 94.70% 99.90%
Cavan 90.30% 99.80%
Connolly 96.20% 99.90%
LCH 99.10% 100.00%
Drogheda 91.00% 99.30%
Rotunda 100.00% 100.00%
In patient1 Compliance
<12 mths Target
<18 mths Target
Beaumont 84.10% 96.20%
Cavan 99.70% 100.00%
Connolly 100.00% 100.00%
LCH 100.00% 100.00%
Drogheda 99.70% 100.00%

1excluding tci

Senior Management Team

Ian Carter
Chief Executive Officer

Paddy Clerkin
Chief Operations Officer

Petrina Donnelly
Director of Nursing and Midwifery

Chris Kenny
Chief Financial Officer

Gillian Ledwidge Dunne
Director of Human Resources

Susan Moloney
Quality and Patient Safety Manager

Siobhan Gormally
Quality and Patient Safety Clinical Director

Paddy Broe
Clinical Director