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Conference Sponsors

RCSI Hospital Group would like to thank our conference sponsors that are listed below.


OpenSky stands at the forefront of healthcare solutions in Ireland, providing AI-powered digital transformations that reshape the operational landscapes of health providers, governments, and large industries. With a clear vision to forge connections across processes and departments, OpenSky elevates efficiencies and customer experiences through its large-scale, innovative digital projects.

Our expertise in streamlining operations for medical manpower departments and HR teams is exemplified by our development of the Post Application Control System (PACS) for the RCSI Hospital Group. This system has revolutionised the management of healthcare positions by introducing automation to replace manual, disjointed methods. The result is a substantial reduction in administrative overhead and faster hiring, leading to its widespread adoption across over forty hospitals and other Hospital Groups in Ireland.

Further asserting our leadership, we are the IT provider behind the HSE’s Doctor’s Integrated Management E-System (DIME), which includes the ePortfolio module—a breakthrough in medical training and development management. Supporting over 2,500 non-consultant hospital doctors, this module enables HR departments to manage training and career progression efficiently. Its effectiveness was recognised when it was awarded the “NCHD Project of the Year” at the Irish Medical Times Irish Healthcare Awards 2022.

Visit the OpenSky website.

Syncrophi Systems provides unique medical-grade, digital health solutions for use in the hospital ward. Our KEWS300 system is designed to maximally support nurse and doctor workflow while delivering easy-to-use digital tools to allow the INEWS and DPIP processes and protocols to be accurately applied.

KEWS300 can accept direct data feeds from the vital-sign monitors and can also interface with other hospital applications, such as the Patient Admin System. This connectivity eliminates much of the manual work associated with patient rounding and review and reduces cognitive burden on very busy staff. Nurse Station and beyond-ward patient chart review is a major aid in pre-round planning, handovers, huddles and impromptu nurse/doctor discussions.

KEWS300 is contracted to be installed in 20 HSE hospitals and reduces charting and scoring errors to less than 1% (down from 40%-60% on paper forms). Syncrophi Systems is an Irish company dedicated to product excellence at the hospital frontline.

Visit the Syncrophi website.

This Conference has been part-sponsored by OpenSky and Syncrophi.