Education and Training


“Patient safety is a core attitude and thus needs to be introduced early and then reinforced throughout postgraduate education and continuing professional development.”

Stefan Lindgren, President of the World Federation for Medical Education


In a busy hospital, finding time for continuous education can seem daunting for healthcare professionals. Mindful of this challenge the RCSI Hospital Group Quality & Patient Safety Directorate has developed this section to provide targeted, practical and precise education sessions for staff.  The education sessions have been developed following feedback from Clinicians and Quality & Patient Safety professionals.  The programme includes contributions from members of the RCSI Hospital Group QPS Directorate together with colleagues from Philip Lee Solicitors, La Touche Training and the Medical Protection Society.

We look forward to welcoming you to these education sessions.

The Annual Education and Training programme provides relevant content based on the needs of staff and the RCSI Hospital Group.

Teaching Training brochure 2024

The timetable below lists the courses and dates for the 2024 programme. The topics are Falls Management, Falls Prevention, Risk Management, ASSIST Training and After Action Review.

Training Facilitated by Date and Time  Location
Falls Management in Residential Care Facilities Ms. Aileen Hetherton, Falls Prevention Project Manager, RCSI HG.

21st February 2024 at 11.15am Online
Falls Prevention and Management in Residential Care Facilities Ms. Aileen Hetherton, Falls Prevention Project Manager, RCSI HG.

22nd February 2024 at 11am

18th April 2024 at 11am

20th June 2024 at 11am

15th August 2024 at 11am

3rd October 2024 at 11am

28th November 2024 at 11am

After Action Review (AAR) RCSI Hospital Group Q&PS and National Quality and Patient Safety Directorate. 7th March, 9am – 1pm Ardboyne Hotel, Navan, Co. Meath
Risk Management Workshops Enterprise Risk Management in conjunction with QPS Acute Operations.

11th March at 10am Online
ASSIST Training for all hospital staff, managing local resolution complaints Ms. Orla Kenny, Patient Engagement Manager, RCSI Hospital Group

13th March 2024 at 11am


Falls Prevention and Management (Group sessions) Please contact Ms. Aileen Hetherton, Falls Prevention Project Manager, RCSI Hospital Group – to schedule an onsite group education session.


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